Benares quinoa salad spinach and red onion bhajia

If you enjoy Indian food and equally appreciate fine dining, then you will love Benares.  Benares is a Michelin-starred restaurant in the affluent Mayfair area of London, who serve up a fusion of Indian/British cuisine. In keeping with the location, the restaurant is sophisticated, classy and chic.  The décor in the main dining area is…Continue Reading “Review: Benares Restaurant, Mayfair, London”

One of the latest fads at the moment is foods or products which contain activated charcoal. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I purchased from a Chinese Ebay store, some charcoal toothpaste which claims to whiten teeth naturally. I can confirm that it does actually work. After a month of use my teeth definitely look a…Continue Reading “The obsession with charcoal”