Here and There

I will be sharing photos, reviews, highlights and tips on the places I visit and the adventures I encounter. Whether I am in my hometown, elsewhere in the UK, or on my travels to exotic destinations, I invite you to take a sneak peak.

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Eats and Treats

I love to dine out. As I try out new eateries I will share my experience with you. Take a look at some of my favourites. Read my reviews.

I love to cook. Every so often I am inspired to try out a new recipe from scratch.  Its usually an adaptation of something I have seen or eaten already, or sampled on my travels. I will also share examples of my efforts at recipes given to me by others.

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Shelly's Closet

I have a very eclectic style. I like to mix old classics with new trends. I love to accessorise and make everyday styles a little bit unique. Take a look in my closest and see what's on my wish list.

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