The obsession with charcoal

09/09/2017 0 By Shelly

One of the latest fads at the moment is foods or products which contain activated charcoal. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I purchased from a Chinese Ebay store, some charcoal toothpaste which claims to whiten teeth naturally. I can confirm that it does actually work. After a month of use my teeth definitely look a shade whiter. However, if you are brushing your teeth in a hurry, which I tend to do, there is the risk that you can get black stains on your clothing and around your bathroom. I am therefore not a convert, but would recommend it to those of you who prefer natural over chemical products.

Charcoal toothpaste and face pack

I am however a fan of charcoal in food. My favourite has been the Gourmet Charcoal Cheeseburger which I had the pleasure of indulging in whilst on vacation in Bali. This healthy Jap Bamboo charcoal black bun was the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth burger I have ever tasted. If ever you go to Bali, be sure to visit Wahrung Bali at the Seminyak Village mall.

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