tan camel skin rucksack

Camel Leather Rucksacks – 2017 Best Buy No.3

03/01/2018 2 By Shelly

Earlier last year I visited Morocco and discovered that it was a wonderful place to shop, especially if you like leatherwear.  Whilst browsing through the souk markets in Marrakech I noticed that there were a number of stalls selling very similar leather goods.  Every so often I would come across a vendor selling something a little different, and this would draw me into their stall.  With the array of bags on display I was determined to buy at least one leather bag.  Most stalls had a very traditional tan brown satchel styled rucksack, with three or four flapped buckled pockets at the front.  This style came in various sizes and was what I was originally going for.  However, my attention was turned to a slightly smaller rucksack with a more modern take on the satchel. It came in a number of colors: dusty blue, red, tan and brown.  When I enquired about the price, I was told they were the equivalent on £35.  This was a good price for a sturdy leather bag, but my aim was to get one of these bags as cheaply as possible. When buying in these markets, the name of the game is to haggle. I tried my best to talk the vendor down.  £30 was as low as he would go.  A good deal, but not good enough for me.  “I would like to buy two bags. What’s the best you can do for me?”  I boldly asked.  I eventually got him to lower the price to two for £50.  Now we’re talking.  My adrenalin is rushing. I definitely wanted to buy both bags, but I thought I would push just a bit more for a better deal.  Thanks! I said. I think the guy over there is selling them cheaper.  Let me go back to him and check again first before I decide.  I put the bag down and turned to walk away from the stall. A little nervous now, as I had not seen these particular bags anywhere else.  Okay, okay he said.  You drive a hard bargain.  You can have two for £40.  “Deal!” That’s the type of bargain I was looking for (although I am sure if I had the tenacity I could have got them even cheaper).

Blue Camel Rucksack

Blue Camel Rucksack

I was proud of my battering skills and content with the price I paid.  There is a certain rush I get when I find a bargain of quality. In the end I decided to give these two beautiful, well-crafted and unique camel leather rucksacks away as gifts.  One to each of my daughters. They loved them.

The effort I went through to purchase those bags made the prize even sweeter.  That’s why these bags are my No. 3 best purchase for 2017.

Here are my top 5 purchases for 2017 at a glance:

  1. HP Spectre x360 Laptop
  2. Samsung Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold Smart Watch
  3. Camel skin Rucksacks
  4. Estee Lauder Train Bag
  5. Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil